Our Products & Services

Our Products & Services

At Colbert Manufacturing, we have been providing premium quality products and services since we launched our business. Our industry experience of more than three decades helps us understand your requirement well and offer you personalized services. We put in hard work, use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best services, and our services supply multiple industries such as automotive, defense, appliance, and medical industries.


  • Engineering

  • CNC Milling & Turning with 5-Axis

  • Special Machinery

  • Equipment Lines

  • Special Conveyers

  • Robot Cells

  • Tooling Parts/Replacement Tooling

  • Welding

  • Painting

  • Plating

  • Heat treating

  • Testing

Colbert MFG
Colbert MFG
Colbert MFG

We also provide assemblies and components necessary to support war fighters that require first article fit, form, and function testing, material verification using DOD approved labs and processes. We use the latest software and computer numerically controlled machinery.

Major Equipment

  • 7 CNC Vertical Machining Centers:

  • HAAS VF-8

  • HAAS VF-5


  • HAAS VF-3

  • HAAS VF-2


Colbert MFG
Colbert MFG
  • TRT210 5-AXIS Trunnion

  • 2 Okuma CNC lathes

  • 7 Milling Machines - Max Capacity: 4' x 8' x 3'

  • 3 lathes - max capacity: 2' x 6'

  • 4 saws

  • 3 welding machines

  • Optical Comparator

  • Surface Grinder

  • Universal Grinder

  • Blanchard Grinder

  • Heat Treat ovens

  • Radial Arm Drill Press

  • 8,000lb Forklift, 5,000lb Forklift, Flatbed, & Pickup truck


We use the latest software and computer numerically controlled machinery.

  • AutoDesk Fusion 360

  • SolidWorks

  • Mastercam

  • Autocad

Colbert MFG